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Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is a wonderful and intriguing place. From the alchemy of turning a few simple ingredients into a sumptuous family meal to the reassuring comfort of a cup of tea and a natter with our closest friends, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. No matter how we fill our homes with unique furniture, exciting gadgets and beautiful decorative accessories, people always seem to be drawn back to the kitchen – and as the song goes “you'll always find me in the kitchen at parties”. 

Whilst lovely units and complementary lighting set the scene, any great kitchen design needs the right accessories to truly come to life as a homely, dynamic space.

The kitchen is a great place to express your personality. All of the world's great meeting places and hubs, from New York's Time Square to Moscow's Red Square, combine function with style – a statement about the character and aspirations of the people who live and work there. Idyll Home make it convenient for you to buy quality, unique kitchen accessories online and we have a broad range of ideas to match your own personal taste.

Modern kitchen accessories need not be all monochrome and straight edges, but can be a contemporary twist on traditional themes such as our opulent copper lassi jugs or simplistic rustic crumple range of tableware and crockery.

Bold prints and tie dye table linens bring cool and funky elements to your style, adding charm and verve to your tabletop.

Retro storage tins and vintage kitchen accessories such as our floral enamel kitchenware and the popular oriental-inspired dotty tea sets are pretty and delicate rather than kitsch, adding a relaxed elegance to your look.

As well as fitting your own character, delightful glasses and cups, dainty teapots and “fill me” cake stands make great gifts for the home to put smiles on the faces of your nearest and dearest.