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  • Pretty Industrial Style

    Casting light on Industrial Style

    Whilst receiving fresh stock of our rustic industrial "Shack" pendant lights (which are incidentally, custom-made for Idyll Home by a small family-run lighting business in the Midlands) it got me thinking, what is the modern industrial look all about now? Does industrial style have to be minimal and hard or can it be softer and combined with pretty and dare I say it country? I think so!

    The thing I love about industrial style is the pared down no frills attitude, but often this can create a cold grey or white space, I need a bit of colour and pattern, adding the right type of soft furnishings and accessories can help to achieve a "pretty industrial" style. I like the use of soft pastel paint colours mixed with metal lighting and accessories, not the norm for most industrial spaces but I think it works.

    Industrial style on a smaller scale

    The other issue with achieving industrial style is that most people don't live in big loft spaces with bare brick walls and concrete floors, so how do you introduce industrial elements into a smaller space or more conventional type of home?

    Vintage metal lights, reclaimed wooden stools and rustic furniture can help create this look and work beautifully with old wooden floor boards found in most older properties. Metal lights don't actually have to be vintage, there are lots of new vintage style lights out there, such as our own Shack pendant light, which work perfectly for creating this look.

    Think of it more of an industrial evolution rather than revolution!

    This image from pixersize.com shows how you can soften the industrial style with the right accessories, I also love this dreamy cloud mural on the wall, a perfect way to fluff up the industrial look.

    Industrial style decor

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  • New Pendant Lights

    Pendant lights - what's your style?

    We have some fantastic new pendant lights which arrived last week, from sweet vintage ceiling light designs to iron industrial overhead pieces - great for loft style living spaces.

    Whether you are looking for vintage style lighting or something more industrial or rustic, we have an eclectic selection to suit all tastes, here at Idyll Home.
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