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  • What Makes A House A Home?

    Just over a month ago we moved house and business. The business was starting to take over the house and with stock filling up every nook and cranny. It was the first time I have bought a place that didn't need completely renovating, but it doesn't quite feel like mine yet- so now I am in the process of trying to put my stamp on it.

    But how do we put our own personality into our homes without ripping out kitchens, bathrooms etc? I suppose a lot of it comes from the "stuff" that we have collected over the years, items that reflect who we are. Subtle changes like paint colour, adding beautiful lighting and interesting home accessories can transform a house and make it your home.

    Here are a few things from the new product ranges at Idyll Home that might be making their way from the warehouse to my new house shortly!...

    I love these Filisky pendant lights, they are just beautiful . These lights don't just look pretty, they flood the room with dappled lighting, creating a warm atmosphere of Moorish charm, with a bit of glamour thrown in.


    These are on my wish list too; new in from a print-maker based in the UK. These stunning woodcuts are used as the basis for print making to emboss the prints.


    I love the texture and thickness of the wood in this design that depicts two Cornish Elm trees. Somehow this British design has taken on the characteristics of the African Acacia tree found in the Savanna. What's even better about this product is it creates interesting wall art that doesn't cost the earth and transports you to an exotic place.


    These pretty Moroccan vases from Danish designer, Tine K home have a lovely hand-made earthy quality to them.

    I feel that by marrying modern elements of design with hints of the warm exotic and dashes of opulence I can make this new house of mine a home.

  • Outside Inside - Let Nature Lead The Way

    Nature gets it right

    Summer may be behind us now, but it left a little inspiration for us at Idyll Home. Whilst whiling away the hours on a beautiful Portuguese beach (life can be such an effort, I know!), I found several small pebbles in faded pastel shades of pink, yellow and grey and noticed how closely they matched the colours of some of our new linen cushions. That set us talking about how nature always seems to get it right.


    Sense of peace

    Much further than just the colours of nature, the textures and materials themselves can bring a sense of calm and relaxation to a room. Try mixing light woods with raw clean metals such as copper, brass or silver to achieve an authentic 'earthy' feel.

    Evoke the sense of tranquil communion with nature achieved through a rustic lifestyle by finding simple designs such as linen cushions, hand-crafted pottery and natural wooden furniture, such as these bamboo tables from Tine K Home

    Calm or chaos

    The forces of nature can clash of course - think of waves smashing into the cliff-face or strong winds up-rooting trees. Far more common though are the complementary relationships between elements of nature - grasses, plants and trees building up a seamless, expansive landscape. It is this feature of layering and setting accessories against furniture and soft furnishings in a way that makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts which is the key to interior design for many.

    Where chaos does creep in from time to time (such as the tropical storm which are kids!) there are of course several good storage solutions to quickly restore serenity, like these metal storage trunks from House Doctor

    Changing seasons

    Styles and trends come and go, it can be difficult to keep up. Nature moves with the seasons too of course and different moods are revealed as the months go by, but there is always the right balance - so whichever feel you go for, why not take a look out of your window to get a design lesson for free?!

  • Pretty Industrial Style

    Casting light on Industrial Style

    Whilst receiving fresh stock of our rustic industrial "Shack" pendant lights (which are incidentally, custom-made for Idyll Home by a small family-run lighting business in the Midlands) it got me thinking, what is the modern industrial look all about now? Does industrial style have to be minimal and hard or can it be softer and combined with pretty and dare I say it country? I think so!

    The thing I love about industrial style is the pared down no frills attitude, but often this can create a cold grey or white space, I need a bit of colour and pattern, adding the right type of soft furnishings and accessories can help to achieve a "pretty industrial" style. I like the use of soft pastel paint colours mixed with metal lighting and accessories, not the norm for most industrial spaces but I think it works.

    Industrial style on a smaller scale

    The other issue with achieving industrial style is that most people don't live in big loft spaces with bare brick walls and concrete floors, so how do you introduce industrial elements into a smaller space or more conventional type of home?

    Vintage metal lights, reclaimed wooden stools and rustic furniture can help create this look and work beautifully with old wooden floor boards found in most older properties. Metal lights don't actually have to be vintage, there are lots of new vintage style lights out there, such as our own Shack pendant light, which work perfectly for creating this look.

    Think of it more of an industrial evolution rather than revolution!

    This image from shows how you can soften the industrial style with the right accessories, I also love this dreamy cloud mural on the wall, a perfect way to fluff up the industrial look.

    Industrial style decor

  • Idyll Home - the story so far

    We have come a long way since I started Idyll Home from my kitchen three years ago now and although it continues to be a rewarding experience, it has been a very busy and at times stressful three years. We have overcome many of the problems that most new businesses face, starting up during a recession along with a huge case of online fraud that almost brought us to our knees. Luckily we managed to carry on and learned lots of lessons along the way and I still get excited every time I get a new delivery of goodies!

    Last year we moved house, partly because we needed more storage space (the spare bedroom just wasn't cutting it anymore). We moved to a truly Idyllic location surrounded by rolling hills and woodlands, not the easiest location for deliveries but no neighbours to bother at least. My partner Steven has also left his job working for a bank to join the world of online marketing, which is quite the transition from finance to furnishings!

    In December, (after several years of persistent pressure from my daughter Elsa) I finally gave in and Ralph the Irish Setter joined the household, much to the initial horror of our cats. Having a dog has forced us to get out from in front of the computer and enjoy the great outdoors.

    Here is a picture of Ralphie enjoying the blue bells near Idyll Home HQ!

    Ralphie Irish setter in bluebells

    When we're not pandering to our princely puppy I still seek out new and exciting products, which I hope you think are as lovely as I do! We've geared up for summer with some fresh ideas for the Garden and Outdoors, and, if you are lucky enough to make it to the beach then there are a few stylish Personal Accessories which are just the job for a day in the sun.

    Whatever your summer holds, Idyll Home and I hope it's a happy one.


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