• What Makes A House A Home?

    Just over a month ago we moved house and business. The business was starting to take over the house and with stock filling up every nook and cranny. It was the first time I have bought a place that didn't need completely renovating, but it doesn't quite feel like mine yet- so now I am in the process of trying to put my stamp on it.

    But how do we put our own personality into our homes without ripping out kitchens, bathrooms etc? I suppose a lot of it comes from the "stuff" that we have collected over the years, items that reflect who we are. Subtle changes like paint colour, adding beautiful lighting and interesting home accessories can transform a house and make it your home.

    Here are a few things from the new product ranges at Idyll Home that might be making their way from the warehouse to my new house shortly!...

    I love these Filisky pendant lights, they are just beautiful . These lights don't just look pretty, they flood the room with dappled lighting, creating a warm atmosphere of Moorish charm, with a bit of glamour thrown in.


    These are on my wish list too; new in from a print-maker based in the UK. These stunning woodcuts are used as the basis for print making to emboss the prints.


    I love the texture and thickness of the wood in this design that depicts two Cornish Elm trees. Somehow this British design has taken on the characteristics of the African Acacia tree found in the Savanna. What's even better about this product is it creates interesting wall art that doesn't cost the earth and transports you to an exotic place.


    These pretty Moroccan vases from Danish designer, Tine K home have a lovely hand-made earthy quality to them.

    I feel that by marrying modern elements of design with hints of the warm exotic and dashes of opulence I can make this new house of mine a home.

  • "Home is any four walls that enclose the right person"


    That quote, from American writer and humorist Helen Rowland, encapsulates much of what Idyll Home works towards - helping people to make their house a home. "Walls" have been a common theme this week - embarking on a personal redecorating project on the one hand and posting to the Idyll Home Facebook page on the other.

    Another American cultural heavyweight, the architect Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote, "Pictures deface walls oftener than they decorate them". How to square the circle then? What other ways are there to beautify your wall spaces and build on the concept of "home" into the bargain? It set me thinking... Continue reading

  • Pendant Lights can create a design statement in any room

    It is the little touches people notice, like Hardy’s subtle thematic inclusion of the colour red in Tess of the d’Urbervilles, the expressions within a home are no different. Home accessories like stunning pendant lights can add a statement to any room and give each room a personality. Continue reading

  • New Pendant Lights

    Pendant lights - what's your style?

    We have some fantastic new pendant lights which arrived last week, from sweet vintage ceiling light designs to iron industrial overhead pieces - great for loft style living spaces.

    Whether you are looking for vintage style lighting or something more industrial or rustic, we have an eclectic selection to suit all tastes, here at Idyll Home.
    Continue reading

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