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  • Velvet Cushions

    There is nothing quite like velvet, it is luxurious but also understated, it is modern yet classic. It  never seems to go out of fashion and always seems to fit in with any interior style. I do have a slight obsession with cushions in general and velvet cushions especially at the moment.


    Recently, I had my sofa re-upholstered in green velvet, a beautiful dark forest green to be precise. Choosing the colour was a bit of a dilemma though, I was such a dithering nightmare! For weeks I had sample books hanging around, much to the annoyance of my other half I'm sure, whose advice I kept asking (out of desperation) I just couldn't decide between a green velvet and a blue one. In the end I decided to go with the green as much as I loved the teal blue I just thought I have seen to much of it recently.

    When I chose the cushions for the sofa I decided to go with a soft pink velvet, those colours just seemed to go so well together. Choosing the sofa material maybe where my obsession with velvet cushions began, coincidentally we started adding a lot of new cushions to Idyll Home at around the same time!

    ROSE PINKOlive

    Nude-pink-cushionVelvet throw Emerald green

    Velvet and especially green velvet seems to be very fashionable at the moment in interiors, I have seen a lot of it recently in Living etc and Elle Decoration. Pantone's colour for 2017 is called Greenery which is a zesty bright yellow/green which it says evokes the early days of Spring when fresh shoots appear and the outdoors are suddenly lush and green again. They also combine the new shade with Rose Quartz which is similar to my pink cushion on the sofa so we seem to be on the same wavelength!




  • Botanicals

    This weekend it finally feels like winter is giving way to spring, it feels good to get back into the garden after months of hibernating indoors. I love seeing the spring bulbs coming through in the garden with the promise of more to come and hopefully, a warm summer! The new botanicals trend in home accessories is a great way to bring the outdoors in and is one that I am liking  a lot right now. Trends come and go in home decor as they do in fashion, some of them I find just too unpractical but this one is easy to follow especially if you love plants and flowers as I do.

    Sometimes we need reminding of the beauty of nature indoors and here are a few of my favourites for this spring.

    liberty print cushion





    These floral liberty print cushions from Tine K home are just beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing these when they come in stock this week and I just might have to have one or two of these!




    Hanging plant pot




    A stylish and unique way to hang your favourite plants and flowers, these hanging plant pots look fantastic over a dining table as an alternative to flowers on the table.



    Mint votives





    These pretty ceramic votives from Bloomingville have spring written all over them in a fresh mint green. They can be used as small vases for flowers too.


    Dust vase






    Pretty hand made terracotta bud vases from Tine K home in a marsala colour, Pantone's colour of the year for 2015.


    Kitchen towel botanical






    These botanical print tea towels have three different wildflower designs, perfect for bringing the botanicals trend into the kitchen. They have a lovely vintage look to them which can add warmth to a modern kitchen.





    The botanicals trend is quite classic as far as trends go and easy to bring into our homes, the floral patterns can soften modern interiors and add a splash of colour to our neutral colour schemes. Bring a bit of the outdoors in this spring and create your own bit of botanical bliss!

  • Brass and Copper Home Accessories Trend

    There has been an emerging trend over the last few years towards warmer metals in home accessories such as brass and copper, moving away from the colder, clinical chrome and nickel. It is funny how trends in home accessories go full circle, I remember my parents collection of horse brasses and copper bed warming pans decorating the fireplace in the 70's - not forgetting the gold plated taps we had on our corner bath circa 1980's, yes my parents were very "on trend!!" Who would have thought during the height of the chrome and stainless steel era of the 90's and 00's that we would need to get the Brasso out again!

    Copper home accessories have been around for a few years now and are still very popular at Idyll Home, our copper pendant lights and copper lanterns have been some of our best sellers and continue to be so.

    Copper Home Accessories

    Copper Home Accessories

    Recently we have added more brass home accessories,  brass is a very decorative and versatile metal. It can be shiny or textured, has a richness and glamour without being flashy and trashy. Our new brass hanging picture frames have been hot sellers, I think it's the combination of a vintage look with a touch of sparkle and they make a  welcome change from the standard silver frame.

    Home Accessories

    These brass pendant lights are new in this week, the brass plated finish adds warmth and lustre to a simple  pendant light.Home Accessories


    Whichever metal you choose to go with there is no denying that this copper and brass metal trend is here to stay, and can add real warmth  and a bit of magic to your home decor. A brass ornament here or a copper pendant there in a Scandi inspired monochrome room is all you need to warm up an otherwise cool interior.Display-Box-Lifestyle

  • Top 5 Picks for A Cosy Autumn

    September is here and the lazy days of the summer holidays are no longer with us, now is the time too start thinking about getting the house organised for a cosy autumn. The summer holidays for me consist of trying to find ways to keep my 9 year old entertained whilst juggling work which is always fun! One good thing about September and the kids being back in school is that you can start to think about your home again, I have got lots of things I want to change in the house since we moved in Spring - none of which have happened yet!

    At this time of the year you can feel a change in the air already, I am already in the habit of lighting the log burner and thinking about getting the logs ordered. Hopefully that won't last and we will get a warm September but just in case we don't (and there is a good chance we won't) here are a few ideas to start getting your home ready for  autumn.

    For me the best way to keep my house snug when the days get colder is lighting the log burner and these rattan baskets make the perfect log baskets.

    Square Rattan Basket

    Our Icelandic sheepskin rugs are perfect for in front of the fire , on the sofa, or next to the bed for keeping your toes toasty.

    Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

    Velvet throws are perfect for wrapping up in on the sofa or topping up the duvet for extra warmth on colder nights.

    Quilted Velvet Throws

    Votives are a great way to add warmth and light and keep away the gloom of shorter days and longer nights. These lovely T light boxes are great for on the dining table or on the coffee table.

    Glass T Light Box

    For the ultimate in warmth and atmospheric lighting our Copper Filisky lights transform rooms with their beautiful dappled light. We can pretend we are in Marrakesh even if we are in Manchester, Maidenhead or Margate!

    Moroccan Filisky Pendant in Copper


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