Brass and Copper Home Accessories Trend

There has been an emerging trend over the last few years towards warmer metals in home accessories such as brass and copper, moving away from the colder, clinical chrome and nickel. It is funny how trends in home accessories go full circle, I remember my parents collection of horse brasses and copper bed warming pans decorating the fireplace in the 70's - not forgetting the gold plated taps we had on our corner bath circa 1980's, yes my parents were very "on trend!!" Who would have thought during the height of the chrome and stainless steel era of the 90's and 00's that we would need to get the Brasso out again!

Copper home accessories have been around for a few years now and are still very popular at Idyll Home, our copper pendant lights and copper lanterns have been some of our best sellers and continue to be so.

Copper Home Accessories

Copper Home Accessories

Recently we have added more brass home accessories,  brass is a very decorative and versatile metal. It can be shiny or textured, has a richness and glamour without being flashy and trashy. Our new brass hanging picture frames have been hot sellers, I think it's the combination of a vintage look with a touch of sparkle and they make a  welcome change from the standard silver frame.

Home Accessories

These brass pendant lights are new in this week, the brass plated finish adds warmth and lustre to a simple  pendant light.Home Accessories


Whichever metal you choose to go with there is no denying that this copper and brass metal trend is here to stay, and can add real warmth  and a bit of magic to your home decor. A brass ornament here or a copper pendant there in a Scandi inspired monochrome room is all you need to warm up an otherwise cool interior.Display-Box-Lifestyle